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Finding a guide

What is a tour guide?

Quebec City tour guides have successfully completed a mandatory training program recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Tourism and the Quebec Ministry of Education.  This course is taught at CEGEP St. Lawrence and Mérici Collégial Privé.  Quebec City tour guides hold a permit from the city.


  • Guides provide commentary, narrative and curation on guided visits of the city, either by bus, car, bike, boat and on foot

  • Tour guides in Quebec are professionals who show great flexibility, scout new tours, familiarization trips, student field trips, private tours, etc.

  • Most Quebec City tour guides are originally from Quebec or have lived here and been involved in the community for many years.  They have an excellent reputation in the local and international tourism industry.

How to recognize an official guide in Quebec City?

In accordance with the G-1 By-Law of Quebec City, all tour guides must have a valid and visible permit during their guided visit.If the permit is not visible, a visitor or client may, at any time, ask to see the permit.


Association des guides touristiques de Québec

755, Grande Allée Ouest 

C. P. 17
Québec, QC

G1S 1C1

Merci ! Message envoyé.


Book a Quebec City

Whether you represent a company or you are simply looking for a guide for your Quebec getaway, you will find the ideal guide here

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