Becoming a tour guide



Under the Municipal Tourist Guide By-law, it is mandatory for tour guides in Québec City to have a Tourist Guide Permit. The permit is delivered upon the completion of a college degree issued by an accredited institution. A french or bilingual program is given at Mérici College and a english program at Champlain St. Lawrence College. For experienced guides who live outside Quebec City, the training is also available online, in English only, by Champlain St. Lawrence College. Furthermore, tours guides in Québec City must have their judicial record verified by the local police every 3 years.



The Tour Guide Course is usually given two evenings a week and Saturdays on two sessions, autumn and winter. This training focuses more specifically on the historic district of Old Quebec but also on other parts of the new unified city. It also touches the city of Lévis as well as other tourist sites in the region such as Orléans Island, the Beaupré Coast, the Sanctuary of Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré, the Montmorency Falls, etc.





Please contact the Permit Office at Quebec City

Bureau des permis 

Ville de Québec 

Arrondissement de la Cité-Limoilou

399 rue Saint-Joseph Est, 5e étage

Québec, Québec  G1K 8E2

418  641-6001


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